By coming to Madagascar to volunteer
8 marca, 2018
Ankizy Gasy and the volunteers really became like a family
8 marca, 2018

Brussels, 2.03.2018

Dear ANKIZY GASY Friends,

Here are my best memories of my stay in May 2017 in Ambohidratrimo. I stayed there 3 weeks and a half in the volunteer house. 2 weeks with another volunteer Sylwester Dudziak and Zuzanna.

This was an amazing time !!! The activities were very varied. We were teaching English to small kids but also to more advanced ones (Lycée). We taught them the English gramar, did some exercises together, but also repeated songs. It was a lot of fun. Malagasy students are very curious, eager to learn and open to new cultures !

On Wednesdays afternoons, we also went to the “canteen” and did craft activities with a group of around 25 kids. They were touching our hearts again ! They are very spontaneous, eager to learn any new activities and play games with you.

We went also on Sundays to “Akany Avoko Faravohitra,” a foyer of young teenage girls. We went to the protestant church together FJKM, had lunch together, organise craft activities together and also did some dancing. These Sundays were always touching our hearts.

Thanks to Ony, Sylwester, Zuzanna and I were invited to a Malagasy wedding of a young girl, (around 20-years-old), who was a girl at the Foyer before. It was a very friendly and unforgettable experience. We ate with them traditional malagasy food, danced with them and also got one part of the wedding cake for us !

I also had the great opportunity to spend one week of holiday on Ste Marie’s island, as a personal holiday. This was just a dream honeymoon island. I will remember that travel forever. Paty, one of Ankisy Gazy’s founder was my tourist guide there very useful and fantastic 😉

When coming back to Brussels, the city where I live, I could organise an event at the “Chapel of Europe”: on 19th October 2017, we also had a great evening in Brussels to show our photos and organise a promotion event by selling postcards, Little lemurs and key rings and magnets. We raised around 400 Euros ! Most of all people got really inspired by ANKIZY GASY and some may soon apply to volunteer ! Sylwester and Piort both came from Amsterdam to also give their testimony about their own experience. A choir also sung some African songs on that occasion.

ANKISY GASY is a great association ! If I had some time, I would volunteer again. This is an eye-opening and life-changing experience !

PS: See below some of the best pictures of my stay … but I have around 2.000 ones so I had to make a selection…

Foyer for young girls “Akany Avoko Faravohitra” at Antananarivo

Foyer for young girls “Akany Avoko Faravohitra” at Antananarivo

Foyer for young girls “Akany Avoko Faravohitra” at Antananarivo

Children at Canteen

St Joseph’s school primary school children in Ambohidratrimo

Ony, founder of Ankizy Gasy, Claire, volunteer, Kasia, founder of Ankizy Gazy, and Suzanna, voluteer