An extraordinary experience
9 marca, 2018
Before I tell you what volunteering with Ankizy Gasy is…
9 marca, 2018

Dear future volunteer,
If you are thinking about working with an organisation like ‘Ankizy Gasy’, here are the following reasons why you should make this step:
When I arrived in Madagascar, I had nearly no clue how my stay would look like. I had no detailed planning of how I am going to fill the days in Mada. I was just to excited of a new country, meeting inspirational people, getting to know the culture. In fact, I was filled with that energy just to let go. Just to get out and taking risks- to live an adventure. I have to admit, that this was definitely no easy decision for me, as my parents would prefer that I don’t spend 3 months in a country with a lot of illness, poverty and a bad Infrastructure & healthcare system. But I can tell you, I don’t regret any single second of my stay, as it gave me a huge knowledge of the malagasy culture, the mindset & the religion, but also of how other europeans manage their everyday lifes in Madagascar.

Of course you should keep in mind that living in Madagascar is no bed of roses. As a european you have to learn how to manage specific situations in everyday life and how to react in intercultural conflicts. But the longer your stay in madagascar is, the better you get to know the culture. I was very glad to work with an organisation like ‘Ankizy Gasy’. I felt like beeing part of a big, international family. You always have people around you and you are spending a lot of time together- apart from work- by playing games, cooking, going on trips etc.. All those actions&personalities make you feel after a very short time very comfortable in your enviroment.

‘Ankizy Gasy’ means translated ‘children of Madagascar’. So of obviously there will be a lot of little smiling faces sharing the day with you.
you will see: it’s not only them who won’t let you go..it’s you who can’t release at the end of your journey.

Apart from that, Madagascar has a beautiful landscape. having a long walk around the rice fields or along the beach while watching the sunset is a very unique experience and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

So don’t be scared of taking risks, be curious and you will enjoy your stay with Ankizy Gasy. Also, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions concerning my three months in Madagascar.

I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful stay in wonderful Madagascar!